Luxury solid Gold ring with natural Keshi Pearl and scattered gemstones of your choice.


The stone setting has a shimmering texture and the whole piece is finished in glowing lustre.


Each ring is handcrafted from scratch and absolutely unique as each Keshi Pearl is different in shape.


Keshi pearl is a light Champagne colour and this ring will make a very special piece of jewellery.

● Gemstones:


Main stone: Freshwater Keshi pearl: 


This glowing natural Keshi pearl is a farm-grown pearl and it has a vibrant pale Champagne colour with a beautiful lustre. 
Keshi pearls are quite rare and they take 7 years to form. 
Keshi itself is 100 % nacre unlike other cultured pearls, which contain a beaded nucleus.

Each Keshi Pearl is unique and the sizes of these pearls are approx 10-12mm and the shapes vary. 


Side stones options:

Set of 6 Natural Diamonds - 1.3mm, 0.010ct, Beautiful Sparky conflict-free, high quality, natural Brilliant cut "eye clean" quality.

Set of 6 Moissanite Diamonds - 1.3mm, 0.010ct, Very Sparky, AAA  quality, Brilliant cut, very similar to natural Diamonds, but cost-effective.

Set of 6 White Sapphires - 1.3mm, 0.010ct, Sparky, AAA  quality, Brilliant cut, a fantastic alternative to Diamonds.

Please consider the proportion of the stone size to your ring size when ordering your ring. 


● Size: 

The ring can be ordered to any size, just add a note about your size into personalisation box while ordering. 

● The ring band is 1.7mm - 2mm width with textured handmade effect, suitable for everyday wear.

● Ring size conversion is available widely on the internet and here is one of the options:

Ordering the right size is your own responsibility.

Luxury Champagne Peach Keshi Pearl and Diamonds ring

Ring Material
Side Gemstones choice
  • 9ct solid Yellow Gold or 18ct solid Yellow Gold, Natural Keshi Pearl, Natural Genuine Diamonds / Moissanite Diamonds / White Sapphires

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