What gemstone is a Diamond alternative? - Part 3

3. Sapphires

“It was believed that a venomous snake would die if placed in a vessel made of Sapphire. Traditionally a favorite stone of priests and kings, the Sapphire symbolised purity and wisdom”

Aside from the Crown Jewels, members of the British Royal family have developed valuable personal jewellery collections, and they are known for their fondness for sapphires.

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II’s personal collection is kept in a large vault beneath Buckingham Palace.  Among her most cherished items is the Prince Albert Brooch, a huge sapphire, which was given to Queen Victoria by Prince Albert the day before their wedding.

Sapphires belong to the family of minerals known as corundum and are the birthstone for September. They are among the strongest natural gemstones on Earth, second only to diamonds. The word sapphire comes from the Latin sapphiru which means blue.

But did you know that Sapphires come in a rainbow of different colours including various shades of blue, pink, purple, orange, green, black and White.

White coloured Sapphires are an excellent alternative to Diamonds and are held in high regard with the aficionados. They still have a lovely sparkle and ice crystal colour but are generally a fraction of the cost of Genuine Diamonds.

We use many colours of Sapphires in our own rings but the most popular is the White Sapphire.

Although we also offer genuine Diamond options as well the White Sapphire alternative is very popular and certainly makes “Diamond Style” Wedding and Engagement rings much more affordable without losing the effects you get when using Diamonds.

A majority of the Sapphires we use in our Jewellery pieces are actually Laboratory grown and have all the natural attributes as Earth mined Sapphires. Also they are an ethically good choice as they are conflict free, ecologically friendly and crystal clear without inclusions or defects.

So, next time you flinch at the prices whilst looking for a Diamond ring, don’t forget to check out White Sapphire options as I think you will be pleasantly surprised!



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